Jet Washing Specialists

Jet Washing is becoming increasingly popular and over the last few years jet washing has been used to clean a much wider array of objects from drains to decking to cars.

Drains often get a lot of different marks and dirt in them, jet washing uses high pressure force to wear away them stains and ground in dirt. The high pressure water washing removes everything from cement to silt and can be used to free blocked drains using high pressure.


Jet washing is ideal for commercial and domestic purposes, working perfectly for drains as the jet washers can tackle a wide range of dirt which can be found in drains without using harsh chemicals which can corrode the pipes/drains. The jet washing does not use chemicals and relies solely on high pressure steam to clean drains and pipes. The washer has different heads which can fit into the smallest of pipes to help free blockages and clean ground in dirt.

Its not just the unsightly dirt that the jet washer cleans, jet washing a drain can also help rid the drain of any smells that the drain is harvesting and forces them away making the drain smell as well as look cleaner.