Residential and Commerical

Our company has provided professional drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, and video pipeline inspection services to Prince George’s and Montgomery counties for 20 years.  We are a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau.

How Does Our Company Shine Above Other Companies?


We have incorporated the video camera in our standard drain cleaning process and maintained the fixed rate for homeowners. Our process includes relieving the blockage initially. Secondly, we run the video camera and produce a color/sound VHS tape or DVD of the existing sewer line. Afterwards, we re-snake the line concentrating on the root or grease buildup. After the line is cleaned as well as possible we make a final video of the lateral with verbal technical analysis. If the problem is the local water authority responsibility we notify them immediately. In many jurisdictions the local water authority for these initial snake and video services reimburses customers.


If the line needs to be physically repaired the customer has all required information and can effectively have several local plumbers bid on the dig up. These customers know exactly how much pipe is bad before calling on the first bid for repair. Customers own the tape and are not forced to use our company affiliates if they have a local plumber who they would prefer providing the dig up.

Depending on the condition of the line it may be more economically feasible for a customer to come under one of our preventive maintenance programs, which provide annual chemical treatment and/or electrical drain cleaning. We have customers who could not afford to dig up their sewer or just did not want to destroy their landscaping.  Some of our customers  have been on preventive maintenance programs for over ten years without another sewer back up.